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In 2012 we delivered on one of our biggest projects yet.  A customer came to us with a part print and specifications for a new mold project.  We designed and built a 8 position, 38 cavity shuttle mold containing two complete bottom mold bases and one complete top mold base.  We worked directly with the customer throughout the process to ensure they were getting exactly what they were expecting.  We designed all the components and performed all the engineering in-house, allowing us to make quick changes in the manufacturing process, and maintain stringent quality control.  Some highlights of this project include

  • Maintain tolerances of +/-.0001" on all mold tooling
  • The bottom mold base and tooling included over 3300 components, and we built 2 of these bottom mold bases (pictured)
  • The top mold base and tooling included over 700 components
  • The bottom cavities included ejection pins, which required the ability to be adjusted according to the height of the part
  • Design and build a loading fixture for the elements
  • Design and build a carrier to load the pellets into the mold
  • Design, plan and install for all commercial items, such as heater rods, thermocouples, sensors, and vacuum
  • Collaborate with the press company to streamline the mold installation upon completion
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