Ram Precision, Inc
Ram Precision
405 Caredean Drive
Horsham, PA
(215) 674-0663

Made in the USA
Since 1985, Ram Precision has been providing high quality, high precision parts to a multitude of customers in many industries.  We specialize in fabricating custom prototypes, fine-tuning the manufacturing process, and then developing best-in-class manufacturing techniques for production runs.

We provide a large range of design and fabrication services, with a deep breadth of manufacturing knowledge.  Our services include CNC machining, Grinding, Ram EDM, Wire EDM, and Small hole EDM. 

Our workforce includes many toolmakers well versed in the latest manufacturing technologies, allowing us to deliver high quality products in a timely manner at a competitive rate.  At Ram Precision, we are always looking for new ways to streamline productivity by investing in the latest technology.

We embed quality control measurements all throughout the fabrication of all our parts - not just at the end.  This supplies ownership of the parts to each and every employee, so they can be proud when the part is shipped, and it will meet or exceed the customer's expectations

Ram Precision is much more than a "Job Shop".  We have years of experience in mold/die design and fabrication, carbide work, and specialty tooling.  Our toolmakers have the knowledge to foresee possible manufacturing issues even before material is ordered, thereby allowing the design team to correct these problems early on in the fabrication process. 
(215) 674-0663
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